Woolly Rhino

Description: An adult woolly rhinoceros is typically around 10 to 13 feet in length, with an estimated weight of around 4,000–6,000 lbs. The woolly rhinoceros can grow to be 6.6 ft tall; the body size is comparable to, or slightly larger than, the extant white rhinoceros. Two horns on the skull were made of keratin, the anterior horn being 24 in in length, with a smaller horn between its eyes. It also has thick, long fur, small ears, short, thick legs, and a stocky body.


Lifestyle: The woolly rhinoceros use its horns for defensive purposes and to attract mates.

These animals are herbivores, eating mainly plants and tree branches.

Females are known to have one to two babies.

Woolly Rhinos usually stay in herds as big as 50, led by one bull for every 8 females. The other males that are low on the pecking order are cast out from the heard.



Woolly rhinos usually defended themselves with numbers, creating a ring around the weakest of the heard.

Their huge horns could easily impale an enemy.