Description: These wingless birds resemble a heavily built ostriches, with small heads, and long, powerful legs. They stand 10 ft tall and weighed approximately 1000 lbs.

The Coloration of the Moa varies to the season. Their feathers are black during the winter or colder seasons, then turn to a darker brown come spring and summer.


Lifestyle: Moa feeds on a range of plant species and plant parts, including fibrous twigs and leaves taken from low trees and shrubs.

They usually live in dry forests and shrub lands.

Their eggs had a circumference of about 3 ft, were about 13 inches long and a capacity of 2 imperial gallons. This is the equivalent of 200 hen's eggs and three times the size of the eggs of the largest dinosaurs.

Combat: In spite of the moas fearsome appearance (the legendary roc was fierce and ate elephants), it is a herbivore. It has little to fear from other native creatures on Pargon; it was protected by its huge size and if needs be, could use its feet and heavy beak to protect itself in conflicts with others of its own kind.