Some call Icorii "vampire spawn" but the truth is the vampire disease came from the bite of an Icorii. These creatures live in dark dank places. Originally, the Icorii lived in the Underworld, until easier prey lured them to the surface of Draston. Now they can be found in sewer systems within cities and caves.

These creatures are tall, slender, hunchbacked humanoid figures, with a purplish skin and bat-like face. Two huge fangs peak from its mouth, dripping with diseased saliva. The Icorii can live for hundreds of years but don't share many of the Vampires strengths and weaknesses. Icorii hate sunlight, it burns them. Also if an Icorii is harmed, withing minutes it can regenerate. Making them almost impossible to kill. Sunlight, burning them and magic seems to work best.