History of Harthx

"Much has happened since us gods first created the world and the races the reside there. Dragons have swept from the skies breathing death and destruction. Wars have broken out between man, minotaur, and elf. 

The winds of time have not been exceptionally kind to Hartx, its history is filled with death and destruction. The battle between good and evil forever rages on. Hope's candle refuses to be blown out in this world of wonders and horrors." Dunarth, god of scribes



  • Age of Darkness -4000 BM to -3500 BM
  • Age of Empires  -3500 BM to -1500 BM
  • Age of Destiny -1500 BM to 1 AM
  • Age of Magi 1 AM to 300 AM
  • Age of Gloom  300 AM to 600 AM
  • Age of the Dracon-esti 600 AM to 734 AM (Present)

Major Events

  • War of the gods
  • Fall of Tenthrolen
  • The Dracon-esti enters Harthx

In-Depth Timeline

Age of Darkness

4000 BM – The gods create the world each god creating a race. 

3977 BM -3912 BM – The gods battle for their places among the order causing the first War of Gods. Using the world of Harthx as their battlegrounds, they cause lands to change, new races to appear, old races to change and the creation of dragons. The war lasted over fifty years.

3566 BM – Human barbarians roam the land terrorizing the other races.

3531 BM – Hithal and Jarak bring dragons into the world to slow down the quickly populating humans.

Age of Empires

3250 BM -- The Feltarians were formed.

3221 BM -- The Feltarians form the Dragonband, which specializes in hunting down dragons.

3054 BM -- The Feltarians meet with the Dragonband to plan another organization called the Valons

3033 BM -- The Valons are created and Darvalon construction begins.

3031 BM -- Darvalon is founded by the Feltarians.

3025 BM -- The Feltarians empire collapses.

2000 BM – Creetos elves and the Daignar reach an agreement and start construction on Mythilis.

1697 BM -- Isatarist if founded.

Age of Destiny

1500 BMThe Tenthrolen Empire invades Draston from the southern island of Minstar. Starting the invasion in the Ritco Sea.

1398 BMTenthrolen Controls most of Draston.

1320 BM – The Imperium Insurgency, better known as The Insurgency. Was created in secret, many nations signing a treaty to overthrow Tenthrolen.

 1310 BM For the first time in history the two Minotaur clans, Bolan and Katarian Unite. Later in this year, the Tenthrolen Empire shatters both Minotaur empires.

1309 BM Tenthrolen royalty all assassinated. Chaos follows as the land breaks into many empires that are not long-lived.

1308 BM -- Breaking free from the chains of the Tenthrolen Empire, the Cobracorpen elves establish a small kingdom.

1209 BM-- Seeing the surrounding lands lacking honor, the Cobracorpens create the Knighthood to spread good a crossed the land.

856 BM-- Cobracorpen starts the construction on the Great Wall.

57 BM – Glandstone is formed, from the human rabble.

52 BM -- Dragonband merges with the Valons.

Age of Magi

1 AM – The Towers of Magi have started construction. The Circle is formed.

1 AM-50 AM – Magi or mages become a target with the robes forced upon them by the Circle.

245 AM – The Grey elves land on the shores north of Glandstone, after freeing themselves from slavery at the hands of Pirates.

Age of Gloom

300 AM – Mythalis falls to a demon. Dwarves flee to Rhoben where their brethren refuse them entry, the Daignar become Hill Dwarves. Creetos elves flee north.

307AM – Nords raid Cobracorpen shores brutally and unexpectedly at rumors of the Elven riches to behold. Frost Reavers leading the attack with the Daernor.

318AM – Cobracorpen Knights repel the Nord attacks. At the realization the raid is a failure, the Frost Reavers turn on the Daernor killing their Jarl.

322 AM – Creetos elves claim land north of Glandstone near the Grey elves.

442AM-451AM – Glandstone and Cobracorpen have a stand-off, which quickly turns into a nine-year war that is often referred to as the War of Borders.

453AM – Glandstone and Cobracorpen sign a treaty becoming allies.

Age of the Dracon-esti

600AM Lord of the Dragons: The Dracon-esti appears and causes death and destruction in its wake.

600AM-650AMEnd of Dragons: Dragons slowly disappeared until none remain, except the Dracon-esti. No one knows where they went, but many think they have died off from some terrible disease or the Dracon-esti killed them off.

604 AM -- "The Librarian" By Jack Gabriel (Crossroads of Draston )

623AM -- Cult of the Dragon is formed: A cult that follows the Dracon-esti is created and start using blood magic to change humans into Dracons.

631 AM -- "A Vicious Cycle" By Joel Norden (Crossroads of Draston )

654 AM -- "In Search for a Soul" by Aaron Wulf (Crossroads of Draston )

660 AM -- "Magic Within" by Anna Warkentin (Crossroads of Draston )

669 AM -- "The Teardrop Stone" by Jack Gabriel (Crossroads of Draston )

675 AM -- "The Escape" by Aaron Wulf (Crossroads of Draston )

728 AM -- "Korik's Quest" by Aaron Wulf (Crossroads of Draston )

732 AM -- "Woven Destiny" by Joel Norden (Crossroads of Draston )

732 AM -- "The Moral Dilemma" by Aaron Wulf (Crossroads of Draston )

733 AM -- "Murder in Kitanan" by Joel Norden (Crossroads of Draston )

733 AM -- "All About the Adventure" by Aaron Wulf & Anna Warkentin (Crossroads of Draston )

734AM – Present Day