Ghouls are humanoid looking undead, covered in rotting flesh. They have protruding fangs and sharp claws. They are slow moving, though not as slow as a zombie, and the stench of the grave surrounds them.

Most ghouls can be found in moist areas, especially near swampy locations. Wandering around at night attacking anything that they stumble upon. At dawn, ghouls use their claws to bury themselves in muck until wonderful darkness cascades over the land again. They feed on anything, dead or alive.

Oddly, Ghouls aren't raised by necromancers like most undead. Someone dying from a rotting disease often transform into ghouls.

Ghouls have an aura of fear and sickness around them. Those that have fought them and lived have reported that they nauseous and frightened while fighting a ghoul. Ghouls attack with claws and teeth. They feed on the ones they kill. If someone is wounded, often a rotting disease sweeps over them, killing them in little over a day. It is only curable by a cleric. If one dies from there wounds, they are transformed into a ghoul.