Eboulari is a city-state on the Western side of the Yargan Coastline. The city was built right off the ocean, and has quite a large port. Eboulari is know for having one of the largest navel fleets on Draston, their seamanship rivalling that of the Mandrans.

The City

Eboulari is a rich city and it really shows with the many white marble palaces in the eastern side of the city. Large buildings and tall spires cover the city. Huge dwarven made white walls surround the city.

On the Northwest side of Eboulari lies the "Ahbar" which is the most dangerous area of the city. Many dangerous criminals and gangs dwell here. To enter the Ahbar by yourself is madness, even the guards step lightly here.


Eboulari is ruled by a Queen and in society a woman's word carries more weight than that of a man. A notable oddity with in the Eboularion society is that the higher one's rank in the royal line, the larger the gauge piercing in the ear lobe. Non-gauge piercings and tattoos are common in the rest of society.

The Eboularion fleet is well known for their white winged Carvel ships and their seamanship.