Pact of Deities

After the end of the War of gods, the deities made a pact. Never again would a god enter the world and lay waste to their creation. Liola using her magic, spread a Veil over Harthx so that if any god were to enter the world, an alarm would sound to every deity within the Pantheon.

Deities of Harthx 

Deities of Good Domains
Corenthen God of Law, Honor and Protection
Tasar God of Animals, Rangers and Seasons
Marthna Goddess of Healing, Hope, Faith and Fertility
Shilantar God of Sun, Music and Poetry

God of Strength, Heroism and Courage

Vala Goddess of Moon, Beauty and young maidens
Qualivaare Goddess of Stars, and feyfolk.
Perrin Lightfoot God of food, drink, relaxation, and halflings
Deities of Neutralality Domains
Dunarth God of History, Scribes and Books
Liola Goddess of Magic
Zarth God of Elements and Weather
Jarak God of Trickery, Luck, and Travel
Brimlad God of Sea and Ice
Owe God of Dwarves, blacksmithing, and gambling
Del'ahli Goddess of Visions, dreams, and the Dreamworld
Wulfeni God of Chaos, and shapechangers
Deities of Evil Domains
Valendek God of Vengeance, Conquest and Desert
Abbi Goddess of Lust, Seduction and Envy
Wesif God of Undead, Decay, necromancy, and Disease
Xanzith Goddess of Hatred, Destruction and Wrath
Hithal God of Slavery, Deals and Greed
Falthi Goddess Control, tyrants and selfishness.
Abezith God of Aberrations and slime.
Jhil'argwa God of Zhembium (The Fallen Star)

Other Religions

The One God: Ancient tomes were found in the mountains south of Kraos, the Mad King of Xerxas, Vavrinec took an interest in these tomes. Vavrinec hired many translators to go over the tomes, it took years for it to be translated. Within these tomes, an ancient religion was found speaking of the one God. Xerxas forced this religion upon his people, twisting the words within the tome for his own use.