Darvalon is a remote city in the frozen tundra region of Duskvar. The city is run by the Valons, who have their headquarters and training center here called The Valonholm. Those who live within the city walls and who are not Valons, all pay taxes for the upkeep of The Valonholm. About 80% of Valons are humans, the other 20% are elves, dwarves, and a few other odd races.

The city's high walls, sit on top of a plateau, which is surrounded by a man made moat. The only way into the city is over a guarded drawbridge which leads to a ramp spiraling clockwise up the plateau. The city was built in the year 3034BM by the Feltarians in order to house the Valons, a monster hunter team specialized in fighting dragons.

The population of the city is only 3,047, and has not had any crime since it being built.

The Valonholm The most North-eastern part of the city is where The Valonholm sits. It is the most massive and beautiful building on that part of Draston. Some parts of the building are up to 10 floors high, and there are rumored to be many secret passages under The Valonholm and the city itself, some passages even reaching as far as The Tower of Red Robes! The enterence has a grand staircase which is flanked by two monolithic dragon statues. Also within Valonholm is a collosium used for duals, an archery range, an obstacle course, and the stables.