Elves, Dalanik Also known as Dark Elves

Personality: Dalanik are a very hateful and spiteful race. They’re always striving for power and power over other races. Many spend their lives looking for spells to blacking the sun, so they may reign in control of Draston. Others spend it in wicked plots in the Underworld, scheming for their House to come out on top.

Physical Description: Dark elves stand around 5' to 5'5". They have black skin and white hair.

The Elders are elves that are freshly changed from the Darkening spell. The mutation causes regular light skinned elves to grow taller, some reaching 8’ tall. Some Elders grow a third arm, loose teeth and/or hair. Some just get skin color changing to a dark black and hair change to white.

The Dalanik ororiginated from the Elders. As more and more Elders were created, dubbed "Dark elves" by Larethion elf standards. The Elders bred in the depths of the Underworld, the breeding resulted in offspring without mutations like the Elders had. Leaving their children with smooth black skin, and white hair, and two arms.

Relations: Dark Elves are Elves that have been banished from Elven society for a crime that they have committed. Some turned from the Gods of Good or sometimes a wizard who chose the Red Robes, Blue Robes or Black Robes, these are orders of evil according to the Larethion elves. Others may have done nothing more than fall in love with one who was above their station in society. These elves after being found guilty, are forced into the Darkening ritual, where they drink dragon blood and herbs and a spell is cast upon them. Then they are taken to the very east of the Rhoben Mountains. There they are locked into, a gateway leads down to the Underworld. The gate is locked from the outside, so the only way to go is down. For this they hate all races.

Lands: The Dalanik live in a large area in the Underworld, and in southern Mythalis. Many have taken up in the lowest layer of Mythalis, where the dwarves once lived.

Religion: Xanzth god of Wrath is the deity of the Dark elves.

Language: High elven just like their ancestors, the Larethions.

Combat: In combat dark elves use many different weapons, but prefer magical ones if at all possible. Dark elves are know for their breeding of War Trolls, using them to the brunt of the battling in their armies.