Daignar Dwarves

Personality: Your usual grumpy and grumbling dwarf, though the Daignar are much easier to keep happy. Daignar are far less grumpy and prejudical then their mountain dwarf cousins. In fact, there aren’t too many races the Daignar don’t get along with. With the exceptions of Orcs, ogres and halflings. These dwarves enjoy metal crafting, architecture, drinking, and mining. They hate water, most likely because they have the same swimming abilities as a large boulder. They don’t really care for magic because they don’t understand it. But they don’t fear magic and actually are completely resistant to it. Meaning if a wizard casts fireball and it strikes the dwarf, it does nothing to him. Daignar cannot cast magic either. Scientists have studied for a long time, to no avail. 

Physical Description: The hair color of the Daignar varies, mostly dark brown or black. Dwarves with blond hair are frowned upon, those that do have blond hair shave head and beard. The beard is pride and joy of the Daignar, without it they feel naked. Daignar stand four-foot to four foot nine and usually weigh two hundred to two hundred and fifty pounds

Relations: Daignar are allies with most races in the grasslands whether it be elves, hill dwarves, gnomes, halflings or the Mill’kanti.

Alignment: This varies for the Daignar, many are lawful Good or Lawful neutral.

Lands: The Daignar used to live in hill homes to the far east of the grasslands before moving to Mythalis. In Mythalis they left their mark, even though most of the city is ruins now. The beauty of their craftsmanship is still there.

Religion: The primary god of the Daignar like all dwarves is Owe.

Language: Hill dwarven, similar from mountain dwarf just more common mixed in.